New show dates Sept/Oct!!

SATURDAY SEPT. 22ND we’re rocking out college style (funneling Natural Ice and when we play Princeton College’s prestigious Terrance Club. It’s a midnight show, and it’s go’n get wild. So come get raucous and enjoy the ear ticklin’ sounds of U SAY USA and Magic Man! After our set, we will be presented with honorary PhD degrees in rockology (and neuroscience)

THURSDAY SEPT 27 catch us at Bar Matchless for our good pal Cody’s birthday celebration, where we will be performing as U SAY USA or one of our exciting new experimental noise-jazz-pop side projects! You’ll just have to come see! (more on those side projects later…)

OCTOBER 25th we’re playing Tammany Hall in Manhattan for a very spooky Halloween gig with a dozen other amazing bands.


Cake Shop! Manhattan! with Gentleman Brawlers!

In the meantime, we’re working on some awesome new music in our NEW rehearsal space and have some huge things in the work… expect to hear some new music soon!


NEW ALBUM: “City Spliff” (unreleased dubs/remixes)

Can U SAY, “U SAY USA ALBUM”? That’s right, “City Spliff”! 11 tracks! 53 Minutes of dubs, remixes, instrumentals and more! Some new, some old (like 2009 old.) And it’s yours FREE!

3 years ago we released an EP called, “Country Cigarette.” It featured neither Jake, nor Ian. As such, we let the EP fall into obscurity, and it currently only exists in the cardboard sleeve form it originated in. But, we wanted to release something to stand in its place and represent our first songs.

So here is “City Spliff”! An album composed of 11 or 15 tracks recorded in basements, sweatshops, churches, and an empty Thai restaurant. Produced by U SAY USA and Chief Executive Dub.

Best enjoyed with an actual city spliff…


“This is the album I’ve always wanted to make. When we first started U SAY USA was young and full of energy and curious and funny and fresh and great.  When we wrapped U SAY USA was the pig of the world – the most unpleasant, arrogant, bullshit entourage… just an asshole, scum of the earth.  However, they are brilliant, and we worked together well; there’s never been an issue created.” – Chief Executive Dub

“Knowing the band on and off stage – I’d have to say the whole entire enchilada is a stunt. I bet those guys got together in a 5 x 5 room, using their first tape recorder, hit play – then forgot the thing was recording. I’d bet they recently found the tape and think they’ve stumbled across genius…you be the judge?” – Chris Berlin, Slack Line Enthusiast

“There are many bands from Brooklyn, and U SAY USA is among those bands!” – Chris Teja, Local Comedian


So, our lead guitarist Ian Gilliam continues to age horribly. In fact, on Wednesday August 01, he will turn 29. That’s 1 year away from 30, which is 30 years from 60. So, dude’s gettin’ old, is the point.

Anyway, he decided, “Why not shamelessly show off how good I am at music by playing in all 3 of my bands in one night at one place?” We quickly dismissed the idea as, “stupid.” He, however, fuckin’ RAN with it.

So, on WED AUGUST 01 at a new Bushwick venue called Paper Box we will be celebrating Ian’s birthday by doin’ some U SAY USA.. and some Massage Club… and he will be performing with yet another dope band who foolishly acquired his services, Modiri, and there will be additional awesome music…. to stay posted on all details:

Invite yourself on Facebook, yo.

The show will be FREE, but we will pass the hat at one point to raise some money to buy him an amp. Dudes doesn’t have an amp. Can you believe that? 3 bands, no amps. Crazy!

In equally important news… we will be releasing a BRAND NEW RELEASE on JULY 25th!! It’s more than a SINGLE… it’s arguably more than an ALBUM. It’s less than a buck (free). Details are scant, but we promise it’s awesome… we THINK… haven’t actually heard it yet…

We’ll be posting many more details on that soon, so stay tuned!


The rumors of FREE Brooklyn Lager at NXL LVL this weekend were 100% true! We flew through cases and cases (and cases!) of the local oat soda (there was Summer Ale too!) And, if we did nothing else than drink free beer (and, we did little else than drink free beer) then at least we got to drink free beer.

But, we also rocked out with a couple of our new favorite bands: The MicksDinosaur Feathers and perpetual party starters, Osekre & The Lucky Bastards. All involved: thanks for the awesome show!
We will next be playing a Brooklyn backyard BBQ for the 4th of July… and there’s few things more American than watching U SAY USA on Independence Day! (it falls somewhere between apple pie with American cheese on top, fireworks, and cheeseburgers with Krispy Kreme’s for buns… which, BTW will all be at this party, along with a comprehensively awesome set of live music.

In other news, it’s important to note that U SAY USA are somewhat Jeckle & Hyde-like in our ability to suddenly become a Brazilian themed tropicália band, seemingly at will and without fair warning. This side project of ours, labeled Massage Club has a new single (widely regarded to be our most passionately loved song) and you can download it for free right here.

You can also see us perform as BOTH Massagae Club AND U SAY USA at the July 4th Brooklyn Backyard BBQ Bargain Blowout Bananza! 


Thanks everyone that came out to our free show at Spike Hill! We had a great time. You may have noticed some new songs! We “world premiered,” a HALF DOZEN new songs… among them:

Here We Are Today (a pop tune with an R&B flavor, which has UK recording and a video in the works!)

Baby Satan (our most demonic, off-rhythm onslaught yet)

Another Decline of Western Civilization (the trashiest and only-est of our euro-dance numbers)

We also world premiered another 3 songs. NOT TOO SHABBY! If you missed the new stuff, we’ll be re-world premiering it all at APUTUMPU BREAKOUT SESSION @ NXT LVL this Saturday night (June 30)!!

Also on that bill with us is Dinosaur Feathers, Osekre & The Lucky Bastards, and more so do not miss this show!!


Earlier this month, we took a trip out to the good ole’ U.K. to attend the wedding of our friends Jack & Katie. Whilst rolling through the unexpectedly warm early summer days, we took the time to do some recordings AND play a gig. With the help of Jack & Alex we had a loose recording session (here’s a version of “Purple Kush” ft. Third Cortez from said session).

We play lots of gigs, all the time, and each one is special. But there is nothing like playing to a crowd in a foreign country. We were luckily enough to experience this twice, catching an open mic night at Cable Street Electric just 2 days before our official show at 93 Feet East.  By the way, this open mic DEFINITELY puts all NYC open mics to shame. And as if playing to a bunch of people we’ve never met before wasn’t enough, we were exposed to some amazing underground music: Tankus the Henge, Cable Street Collective, Tommy Hare…just to name a few.

Traveling abroad was quite an experience, but doing it with the band was surreal. This trip opened our eyes to what it means to be in a band and we’re looking forward to doing more trips like this, more often.